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Tantra Massage Therapist & Sexual Wellness Coach

Hi, I'm Ella. My work involves helping men, women and couples access a newfound sense of sexual wellness and pleasure through hands on tantric practices and coaching.

My goal is to help you access your own eros that may have "gone away" for a myriad of reasons. Learn how to feel your body again, free of expectations and performance in a safe and comfortable environment. 

You might benefit from working with me if you: 

  • Want to reignite your eros.

  • Want to expand the range of sensation you feel in intimate encounters.

  • Want to learn how to authentically engage with your partner in a way that is satisfying for the both of you.

  • Want to open up your eroticism in a safe container.

If you want any of these, Tantra Massage is an opportunity to open yourself to more feeling, sensation, intimacy with yourself and your partners, and to integrate eros back into your life.

I’ve had the opportunity to see Ella Rose for her tantric massage services twice. Her way of setting up the space and conducting the sessions were obviously that of an experienced Daikini.


 I felt welcomed with how I was feeling (vulnerable) and my needs were taken into accounts. My sessions included a full body massage and it felt good to be touched in all places with so much attention, sacredness and experience. 

My sessions with Ella have opened new doors. Every time, I leave with more confidence and sensitivity to my body, needs and sexual energy. Thank you so much.

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