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Trainings and Certifications

I am a Certified Tantra Educator.  I have completed Source Tantra CTE 1and CTE 2 with Charles Muir, and Practitioner Training with the International School of Temple Arts.

In addition, I have completed Om Rupani's Priestess Training in the arts of BDSM and Domination and submission.


Why Tantra Massage With Me?

My training has provided me the foundation to guide you in opening your authentic sexual energy and offer you satisfying and long lasting connection to your authentic erotic energies. 

Tantra massage is an opportunity to work with a professional who has been trained in both hands-on  techniques and guidance through emotional & mindfulness tools that assists in healing physical and mental blocks.

As a trained practitioner, I guide individuals to understand how their sexual energy is cultivated and to develop a pathway for holistic sexual wellness.  


How to describe an experience that took a life of its own? I experienced a journey with Ella Rose that cannot be forgotten. Bearing some pain, insecurity, and exhaustion, I came to her without expectation. I was finding difficulty with the emotional pain of a recent breakup, and the introduction of a new relationship. The result of this session was beyond what I could comprehend.

 I felt welcomed with how I was feeling (vulnerable) and my needs were taken into accounts. My sessions included a full body massage and it felt good to be touched in all places with so much attention, sacredness and experience. 

Ella graced me with a warm welcome ensuring I had some water, fruits, and chocolates for my enjoyment. Her sincerity in asking what emotions I held, and her gentle guidance assisting me to navigate these emotions left me a true feeling of love and compassion.

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