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All sessions ensure maximum relaxation and integration. We always start with a conversation so I have an idea of how to work with you, then move into hands on work, and we end with grounding and integration exercises to ensure that you fully allow the experience to settle. 

What is typically incorporated in my sessions:

  • Guided opening ceremony allowing you to drop in and leave the outside world behind. This technique allows for you to sink into the present moment, relax and focus the mind to more fully experience the massage.   

  • Massage Techniques tailored to your desired experience, including Grounding (firm pressure and holding with my hands or whole body) and Sensual Massage​ (incorporating full body contact to increase arousal.)


If you want more or less of any of these aspects, that can be discussed during our initial check in. 


I also welcome feedback during the session.  


Sessions are two hours long to allow for an orientation to Tantra Massage, exploring your goals in working with me, hands on work, and time to reflect on the session together.

All sessions take place in my conveniently located home near Lexington, MA.

If I am in NYC, I can see you at a hotel. (Cost to be discussed.)

A single 2-hour session: $600 donation

A pre-paid package of 3 sessions: $1,500


To add sacred spot massage (internal work): $100

BDSM incorporated into the session: $150


See my FAQ Page for more details about payment, cancellation policy, etc.  

I have never seen a woman more powerfully transform into a loving healer. It was exactly what I needed in my life in that moment. Her touch, filled with a love and peace so grounded yet feminine, left a warmth in my body that resided far after the session.

I cannot thank Ella enough for what she has done for me in such a small window of time. She is sensual, loving, powerful, healing, and just downright amazing!

Ella's words, her ambience, and her touch led me through an experience that was deeper than the physicality of the session. It was healing. It was comforting to have someone who has such a genuine compassion for others give me such a gift. 

Donations & Logistics
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